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Understanding the Purpose of Bearings and Its Different Types

The use of bearings is extensive, starting from massive power plants, industrial equipment, automobiles to electrical generators and more. As a fundamental element of the machine industry, its primary function is to help the rotating shaft of the rotors, wheels, turbines etc., to rotate smoothly. And this is the reason why entrepreneurs managing machinery-oriented businesses always look for potential bearing distributors in India.

How important are bearings?

Bearings are typically designed to prevent direct contact between two metals which are in correlative motion. This further prevents any kind of unwanted heat generation, friction, and wear and tear. Also, it will ensure reduced energy consumption as the sliding motion gets replaced by low friction rolling.

These components also help in transmitting the load of rotating elements to the main structure, which can be axial, radial or both. They are designed to restrict the freedom of movement of different moving parts to the defined directions.

What are its different types?

Following are some of the different types of bearings used across various industries.

Ball bearings

It’s one of the most common bearing classifications, comprising rows of balls to work as rolling elements. And these balls are trapped in between two metal pieces which are annulus shaped. The load-bearing capacity of these bearings is limited, and they also offer low friction. They are easily replaceable and come with a longer service life compared to other types.

Rolling element bearings

These bearings consist of cylinders or balls which act as rolling elements. The extent of rolling friction is always lower than sliding friction, and this is the principle which is considered while designing them. Hence, they are used for facilitating the free movement of moving parts in rotational friction.

Sliding bearings

As the simplest type of bearings, it comprises grooved or plain surfaces which will allow the machine elements to slide. They are an inexpensive option manufactured to support rotary and linear movements.

The final thoughts

Based on your unique industry requirements, you must try to choose the right type of bearings that can fulfil the right purpose and ensure the smooth functioning of your machinery and equipment. We at Bearing House are known for offering a comprehensive range of small, medium, large, and high-precision bearings for businesses across varied industry verticals. We are here for you if you are looking for a leading provider of premium quality bearings. Consult our experts now.

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