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Types of Industrial Ball Bearings that You Should Know About

Ball bearings are an important industrial component known for promoting quality operations in the industry. If you are connected with some heavy industry, you might know the importance of these small metallic machinery. These play a crucial part in the smooth operation of a mechanical unit.

Ball Bearings Come in Different Variants:

It would be wrong for you to assume that ball bearings came in only one variant. The shape and operational capacities of the bearings vary according to industrial needs. Whenever you visit an industrial ball-bearing distributor, you may find a wide available variety.

What are the Most Common Variants of Industrial Ball Bearings?

Before using the ball bearings in a machine, it is important to know their variants. Some of them are discussed in detail in this blog.

  • Angular Contact Ball Bearings: These are unique ball bearings with inner and outer ring raceways. These are relatively displaced from each other in the direction of the bearing axis. This type of bearing is popularly used to accommodate combined loads, like the simultaneous carrying of radial and axial loads.

  • Deep Groove Ball Bearings: It is another commonly utilised ball bearings for heavy industrial usage. There are three variants of these bearings, viz. Seal, shield and snap ring arrangements. These bearings are perfect for carrying heavy loads. The contact angle remains fixed; you cannot adjust it according to the load arrangements.

  • Thrust Ball Bearings: These are specially designed machinery used exclusively for carrying axial loads. The bearings are very efficient and can work without making much noise. You can use them for high-speed industrial operations as well. These bearings are further divided into two parts: Single directional or double directional. This depends highly on the direction of the load that you have to carry.

  • Duplex Ball Bearings: These are a modern variant that combines two angular contact ball bearings. These can lift radial and axial loads in both directions. If there is a strong axial load on one side, the force has to be implemented equally on both bearings. Some variants of Duplex Ball Bearings include Face to Face Bearings, Outer Faced Bearings and Back to Back Bearings.

These are the types of industrial ball bearings you can find in the market. You can utilise them well in various heavy industrial uses. If you want to buy them from a trustworthy source, you must consult a renowned industrial ball bearings distributor near you. You can get help from Bearing House, who has considerable experience in this field. For more details, visit their website today.

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