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Special Considerations for Ball Bearings Used in F&B Industries

Bearings are a crucial element that can be found in a number of industries. From automobile manufacturers to food processing units, all industries use heavy machinery. To guarantee their smooth, relentless operation, the role played by ball bearings cannot be ignored.


The Use of Specialised Ball Bearings


Industries related to food and beverage use machinery with specialised ball bearings. These must be produced from food-grade materials, ensuring a safe food production process without the risk of contamination. Thanks to the increased demand for food processing and packaging, many industries have understood the need for special industrial ball bearings.


Special Considerations for Bearings in Food Industries


Before learning about the distinctive features of the ball bearings used in this industrial sector, it is vital to know the types used here. Some of the common variants of these components are made of food-grade stainless steel. You will find these bearings common with any food processing unit:


●       Unmounted bearings

●       Washdown bearings

●       Specialty bearings

●       Thermoplastic and stainless housings


The food manufacturing industry has to adapt to certain factors during the production phase. Their main goal is to produce healthy food products with nutrients and other vital components. These requirements prompt the industries to work with specialised bearings with various additional features.


●    No Need for Re-Lubrication

Lubrication is a vital aspect to ensure the bearings operate smoothly. However, one needs to use food-grade lubricants in the food and beverage industry. Therefore, re-lubrication becomes nothing short of a challenge. As a solution, they use ball bearings with minimal or no need for re-lubrication.


●  Made of Food Grade Steel

Stainless steel is the main component for manufacturing ball bearings. For the F&B industry, the requirements are much more specific, as the machineries require food-grade materials. Better corrosion resistance is one of the major reasons why these materials get the upper hand.


●  Bearings with Special Designed Seal

Seals with a unique design are a major requirement in bearings used in food & beverage industries. These do not let the food or drink get spilt or enter the components. In a way, the special seal isolates the food and drink from the machinery.


These are a few considerations that lead industries to use specially designed bearings for the F&B industry. If you want to buy these from a source with a wide collection of industrial ball bearings, contact Bearing House. As the name suggests, we are a one-stop shop for all your needs regarding bearings and other industrial components. For more information, you can browse our website.

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