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Important Facts You Should Know About Ball Bearings

There are different types of bearings for different applications. They are used in various industries like textile, paper, chemical, jute mills and many others. Ball bearings are one of the most commonly used among all the types. It is used in rotary applications to provide low-friction, smooth movement. It provides high performance and durability in transferring loads from the ball to the inner ring. We suggest choosing an experienced retail bearings company to be assured of the quality. Explore more about ball bearings below.

What is a Ball bearing, its Function and Types

What is a Ball bearing?

As the name suggests, this type of bearing has a ball to maintain clearance between the bearing races. The ball’s motion helps reduce friction compared to flat surfaces sliding against each other.

What is the primary function of ball bearings?

Ball bearing supports axial and radial loads, which eventually reduces rotational friction. It uses a minimum of two races to support the ball and transfer the load. One race is generally attached to a rotating element like a hub or shaft, whereas another race is fixed. The ball rotates when the race rotates. The load-carrying capacity of ball bearings is lower as compared to other types.

What are the key parts of a ball bearing?

Two races or rings, a ball spacer, and rolling elements are the major parts of a ball bearing.

What are the different types of ball bearings?

There are five key types of ball bearings:

● Deep Groove Bearing

● Radial Bearing

● Angular Contact Bearing

● Thrust Ball Bearing

● Self-aligning Bearing

1. Deep Groove Bearings: It is also known as radial bearing. The deep groove bearing can take varying degrees of axial and radial loads. It has a ball, an inner race, an outer race and a cage. The cage helps in separating the balls.

2. Radial Ball Bearings: This ball bearing supports radial loads and axial.

3. Angular Contact Bearing: It forms a contact angle between the ball and the races while operating the bearing. They are ideal for supporting axial loads.

4. Thrust Ball Bearings: It is mainly used to support pure thrust loads.

5. Self-aligning Bearings: It has two sets of balls that can align themselves. It can support both axial and radial loads.

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