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A Guide for Properly Installing Retail Bearings to Machineries

When you want top-notch performance from your industrial machinery, sourcing the right bearings is necessary. These are important cogs for the operations and guarantee proper function. The quality of work and performance of the machinery depends a lot on properly installing the bearings.

The Importance of Bearing Longevity

For the unheralded, nearly half of the sold bearings fail to work properly before they completely wear out. The main reason behind this is the improper installation of the components to the machinery. If you are someone involved in heavy industrial work, your primary target is to ensure the bearings do not fail prematurely.

How to Apply or Install Retail Bearings into Machines?

To get the best performance from retail bearings, you must know how to integrate them with industrial machinery. We discuss more about these in the following section.

  • Do Not Wash the Bearings

Before installing the bearings to the machinery, many users tend to wash them with water. This is a harmful practice that can affect the performance significantly. There is actually no need to wash the bearings as the manufacturers take proper preventive measures to keep them dirt-free.

  • Inspect the Shaft and Housing Fit

The shaft seat and the housing bore of the machinery should be clean and free from clogs. It should ensure a proper fit to guarantee the exceptional performance of the bearings. If the area is not well maintained, the bearings will be unable to function properly.

  • Use Proper Lubrication

Lubrication is a major requirement to ensure smooth function of the retail bearings. The manufacturers generally evaluate several factors before determining the lubricants for specific kinds of bearings. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation and judge the vital factors like temperature and contamination conditions.

  • Apply Even Driving Pressure

The force required to mount a bearing onto machinery depends largely on the type and degree of press fit. Ensure applying a straight and square pressure. Using a tight press can damage the bearing due to excess heat and wear. This may result in premature bearing failure.

You should follow these useful tips to apply a bearing to your industrial machinery. To source the best quality industrial retail bearings for your use, you can contact Bearing House. We are a reputable wholesale bearing shop based in Kolkata. As a customer, you can browse through different types of bearings from our end. For more information, you can visit our website or contact us today.

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