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4 Most Common Types of Bearings Used in the Automobile Industry

Manufacturing a car or any kind of automotive machinery requires properly assembling various components. A finished car consists of various small to big installations that ensure efficiency in its performance. One of the most vital installations is the bearings.

The Myriad Usage of Automobile Bearings

From assembling the engines to the wheels, bearings are used in various aspects of manufacturing a car. These ensure an intelligent design that contributes to the core performance of the vehicle. If you are related to this industry, you may know that certain joiners are specifically used in this field, hence known as automobile bearings.

More About the Common Types of Automobile Bearings

In the following part of this blog, we will talk at length about the most common kinds of automotive bearings.

Plain Bearings

When thinking about automobile bearings, you may first imagine bearings with roller elements. However, plain bearings are commonly used in this sector, too. These are primarily used in vehicles that are intended to handle heavier loads. It upgrades their carrying capacity and offers a longer service life.

Tapered Roller Bearings

To ensure better vehicular performance, tapered roller bearings are a must-have in the manufacturing process. These are often used in heavy-duty manufacturing processes. The bearings are the most suitable for applications that require sustainable durability. You can commonly find them in automotive wheel bearings. These can effectively handle large radial and axial forces perfectly.

Ball Bearings

No matter the heavy industry you work in, you will always find the usage of ball bearings. These can handle both radial and axial loads and allow the components to change their speed. This ensures minimal friction between two surfaces. You can commonly find the ball bearings in wheels, suspension systems, crankshafts and radiators.

Roller Thrust Bearings

As the name suggests, these bearings are expert in handling large thrust loads. As a result, these are primarily used in assembling the gear sets for car transmissions. You can sometimes find them in the housing and rotating shaft, too. These can handle the pressure the helical gears offer with their angled teeth.

These are a few common bearing components that you can find in the automobile industry. If you want to purchase them from a trustworthy source, contact Bearing House. We are a reliable name in this sector and have provided different industrial bearings for many years. To learn more about our business, you can visit our website today.

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