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Authentic Supply of NBC Bearings from Wholesaler

Demand for NBC Bearings has been increasing day by day. To meet the demand of different industries, we at Bearing House provide these types of ball bearings which are made specifically to suit all types of industry needs. We are India’s leading bearings manufacturer and exporter and are renowned for our quality, excellence and delivery.

What we offer

At Bearing House, we have a team of experts who can provide the best bespoke bearing solutions for all industry segments. Our diverse clients include cement plants, steel manufacturers, textile and handloom manufacturers, electric motor suppliers and pump machines.

NBC Bearing.JPG

Why should you choose us

We work with a range of global clients and provide NBC bearings that include single-row angular bearings, self-aligned bearing and single-row deep groove bearings as well.


We use stainless steel only to ensure excellence in terms of the quality of the NBC bearings. We are a trusted NBC Bearings wholesaler. Contact us for more details.

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