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Leading Industrial Ball Bearings Distributors in India

Ball bearings are an important component for the smooth operation of any industry. Do not forget to source them from a well-known source like Bearing House. We are one of the prominent industrial ball bearings distributors in India. Situated in Kolkata, we provide top-grade bearings made from high-quality metal to commercial establishments across India.

Our Range of Industrial Ball Bearings

When you contact someone like Bearing House, you can remain assured about getting a wide range of items. We can provide you with different types of ball bearings like:


●       Cylindrical Ball Bearings

●       Spherical Ball Bearings

●       Thrust Ball Bearings

●       Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Why us

At Bearing House, you can remain assured of getting industrial ball bearings of premier quality. With our experience and attention to detail, we produce perfectly finished ball bearings that match your industrial needs. As a reputable industrial ball bearings distributor in India, we can guarantee you a proper quote for the bearings.

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