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Top Quality Bearing Sleeves Retailer in Kolkata

Looking for high-quality bearing sleeves that can match all industrial use? Trust on Bearing House. Being one of the leading bearing sleeves retailers in Kolkata, we can assure you of the finest quality product in the market. These can help you in various commercial uses and provide better outcomes.

Uses of Sleeve Bearings

Sleeve bearings are used in different fields of medium and heavy industries. These are known for making rotational, linear, and high-frequency oscillating movements. Thus, you can use them in the automotive, manufacturing and machinery industries. Make sure you buy the product from a reputable source for better functioning.

Why  us

Buying products from the leading bearing sleeves retailer in Kolkata can be highly beneficial. The reasons are discussed below:


●       We employ time and research in designing the equipment

●       Our bearing sleeves can be used in different applications

●       You can find these bearings in customisable shapes

●       We provide the product at a competitive price range

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